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Lakewood Garage Door Repair Spring Replacement

Is your door is automatic or manual? It should be Serviced at some stage by a Qualified Garage Door Technician. We offer high quality of Spring Replacement services for all types of garage door brands in Lakewood, WA area. We provide the most efficient Spring Replacement services at most affordable price. We even service those brands that we do not sell! Garage Doors provides a full service department to assist you in your needs. Our staff will attempt to troubleshoot you through your questions before we set up an appointment. Some questions may seem very simple and the typical homeowner can resolve the issue themselves, while other problems need to be addressed by a professional garage door tech. Safety is our main concern. Never attempt to adjust the door spring and cable system, let the experts do the work.

A regular garage door maintenance check is advisable on doors with or without openers. If your door is automatic, it is a good idea to release the motor into the manual mode at least every 6-12 months, and then you can determine the way your door travels, heavy, smooth, coning or binding for example. Also check the support brackets. eg: wall fixings loose ,brackets hanging etc. By doing this, you can determine whether or not the door is supported in a safe manner. Always consult a Garage Door Technician in regards to repair and service that may be required.

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You can avail our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to the whole Lakewood, WA. Our 15 minute response period guarantees quick recovery from all your dilemmas. Call our friendly representatives today at (253) 218-6284 and let us assist you with all your concerns.

Call us now at (253) 218-6284

Lakewood Garage Door Repair is the best residential garage door service that can be found in Lakewood, WA area. We offer high quality Spring Replacement services for all types of properties in a very affordable price. Call us now at (253) 218-6284 to avail our best services. We also provide free estimate on your projects.